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Model Rail Baseboards

Custom made modular baseboard systems

Plug and Play Point Control System

After using numerous point motors and not being completely satisfied with them due to cost and reliability issues I decided to research a better way. I came across the MegaPoints system, a servo based system that is very reliable and cost effective. I love the way the mechanical part is separate from the electronics, as all mechanical mechanisms will wear out at some point.

The MegaPoints controllers are easy to set up and program and I have included some videos below.

We can build a complete plug and play system, custom made to order and we are able to offer our customers a complete point control system with control panel with track plan and route indication LED's and switches. Controller built in, pre wired with a power supply. Servo point motors with brackets and linkages and all cables made to length with plugs on the ends which makes it very simple to install yourself. We also offer a supply and fit service too.

A typical 12 point control system would cost €480 or £385 (conversion rate subject to change)

We will also supply the individual components to build your own system, we are an official MegaPoints distributor and stockist. 

Check out some of the videos and pictures below for more information.