MODEL RAILWAY BASEBOARDS - Custom made model railway baseboards


Manufacturers of bespoke modular baseboard systems

Our baseboards are supplied fully assembled so no self assembly required. All that's needed is simply attach the legs using the nuts and bolts provided.

If you buy more than one baseboard ie; if your layout requires 4 baseboards each baseboard is provided with toggle clips and alignment dowels to align them and then just clip them together. Leaving a flat level surface.

Our baseboards are made from MDF. The construction is 15mm open frame with a 9mm MDF top making the baseboards lightweight and incredibly strong.

We custom make baseboards to order so we can meet your exact requirements.

Check out our gallery page to see some of our recent work.

Our baseboards are finished to a very high standard, there are no rough edges and sanded down with 320 grit leaving a very fine smooth finish. 

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